tribals-io is a multiplayer survival game where you craft, mine, build, and explore an island in a bid to survive. Combining familiar mechanics from games like Minecraft, Rust, and ARK Survival, Tribals offers a free and easy-to-play experience. You can choose to build your own base and tackle the island alone or with friends. From chasing chickens to being chased by bears, building huge bases, and crafting various tools and weapons, there’s always something to do.

Create your character and dive into the wild to see how long you can survive. While exploring the island, be mindful of your hunger and thirst levels—letting them drop too low could spell disaster. With a plethora of items to gather and even more to craft, you’ll never run out of activities. Test your survival skills solo or with friends, working together or against each other. Jump in and discover your preferred play style. Can you conquer the island and become the best tribe?


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