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Whether you want to fly an aircraft, shoot terrorists directly, or use a sniper to shoot at them, we have a collection of war games to keep you entertained for hours. If you want to train your troops immediately or lead them into battle immediately! Our challenges come in different types of action games. You can enjoy action war games in situations like direct hand-to-hand combat scenarios, and fighting, to medieval-style combats where you have to use swords and arrows. Go to battle in the snow, fight outdoors with monsters and competitors, or even go to war in modern times; in several challenges, you can even use a full battleship for better war experience. 

Our war games feature one of the easiest controls. This means that you’ll have no issues controlling the game scenarios such as controlling the aircraft for war. Most of the war games have easy-to-understand controls that are accessible on screen. Also, you will get clear instructions about our war games online. You can easily fight with swords and shoot from war jets and tanks without going through an overly complicated tutorial. In our battle games, you can win dangerous battles through frosty fields, or even through a kingdom.

Start and Win The War 

War games have always been the greatest part of the gaming industry. However, you don’t have to look for the bigger AAA titles to enjoy the wars. The war action games can be experienced within the browser with little games. Play as a solo captain and lead the army in games like Stick Fight The Game or control the jet plane in games like Fighter Aircraft Simulator. While war is not fun, our collection of war games consists of slapstick gameplay and stories such as Table Tug Online or can give you the ultimate action with some of the best action gaming experiences. All you need is to log in to the little games, select war games and you are good to go.

Free To Play War Games 24/7

If you like to play war games anytime you want then Little Games is all you need. With our collection of war games online, you will be assured that you will never have to play the same game every time you login. This is because we are uploading the games consistently. So just login to play your favorite war games online.


FAQs (frequently asked questions)


What are the war games online?

War games though often have traditional war elements where you either play solo or train an army to attack or defend your clan. However, there are some other war game types as well such as gang war and alike where you have to control your gang or beat a gang.


What are the best war games online?

Helicopter And Tank Battle vehicle wars

Soldiers Fury

Urban Sniper Multiplayer 2

Brutal Battle Royale 2

Squad Tower

Special Strike

Warzone Strike

Wild West Clash

Zombie Soldier

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