Stick Defenders

Stick Defenders

Stick Defenders

Stick Defenders is an action-packed merging game where you combine stickman units to create stronger fighters, all in an effort to defend your base against waves of enemies. Merge identical gunmen to boost your offensive power, enhance your defences, and upgrade your walls. Enjoy additional activities like “spin the wheel” to gain surprise items that help you strengthen your forces and unlock new opportunities. Use your skills strategically and activate abilities as soon as their cooldowns end to avoid being overwhelmed by the enemy hordes. How long can you defend your fort in Stick Defenders?

How to Play Stick Defenders

  • Use your left mouse button or finger to select and drag units.
  • Drag one unit and drop it onto an identical unit to merge them.

Who Created Stick Defenders?

TinyDobbins created stick Defenders. You can find more of their casual games on Poki, including Stick Merge, Merge Round Racers, Merge Gangster Cars, Merge Cyber Racers, and PartyToons.

How to Play Stick Defenders for Free

You can play Stick Defenders for free on Poki.

Can I Play Stick Defenders on Mobile Devices and Desktop?

Yes, Stick Defenders is available on both computers and mobile devices, including phones and tablets.

Stick Defenders

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